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SEO Audit, Strategy and Optimization Agency, perform an analysis and diagnosis in organic positioning

SEO web optimization services, we work to improve Search Engine Positioning as a Digital Marketing strategy by creating digital assets that allow you to gain auditing.

Through SEO optimization Agency improve the position of your website and reach the Top 10 of organic search results.

Know our step by step to perform an analysis and diagnosis in organic positioning

Search engine optimization allows you to increase organic traffic to a specific website, to achieve this, the information must be monitored, and analysis carried out and findings obtained that allow the implementation of a SEO strategy that involves website optimization.

The information we obtain from keyword research and what we perceive from the audience creates digital assets with the ability to convert users into loyal followers of the brand.

Remember that the main objective of web positioning is to locate a website in the Top 10 of the organic search results.

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SEO Audit

  • Infographic, SEO Audit, Diagnostic analysis of your website. Creativográfico. Bogotá. We perform the analysis and diagnosis of your website in order to identify faults, errors or possible improvements that will allow a better experience when visited by users and better seo positioning.

  • We provide relevant information about your website and your business, the implementation of the SEO audit allows you to respond to an evolving market, with curious, demanding and impatient consumers.

  • We identify the factors to improve your positioning in the organic search results, generating a competitive advantage that will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

  • Case of success
    iT Synegy SEO Audit
    Information Technology.
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SEO Optimization

  • We define guidelines that improve the user experience in front of your website with SEO optimization techniques.

  • Infographics, SEO Optimization, organic search results ranking. Creativográfico. Bogotá. We ensure, through optimization factors such as accessibility and tracking, that search engines know the existence of your website, achieving a better ranking in organic search results.

  • We found the points of contact between the content of your website and what the audience is looking for through the investigation by linking your business information with the organic searches made by the audience.

  • Case of success
    iT Synegy SEO optimization
    Information Technology.
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SEO Strategy

  • We structure an SEO strategy aligned to the business objectives and aimed at the target audience.

  • We carry out iteration processes that allow us to create guidelines for continuous improvement of business objectives.

  • Infografía, Estrategía SEO, dar respuesta a las preguntas de los usuarios We generate metrics guided by strategic management indicators to respond to the behavior of the competition, search terms, accessibility, links and content for which the website should be positioned

  • Case of success
    iT Synegy SEO Strategy
    Information Technology.
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We create emotional, profitable and lasting relationships, for this we thank those who believe in our methodologies and processes to materialize their goals.

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