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Did you know what to do Brand Positioning Strategies allows you to:

  • Create affinity with the target audience.

  • Define the form, tone and language of communication.

  • Generate differentiating elements against the competition.

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Did you know that organic positioning as a Digital Marketing strategy can:

  • Respond to people's search needs.

  • Appear in the first results.

  • Create guidelines to improve the user experience.

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Did you know that Custom Web Development responds:

  • To the specific needs of each client.

  • Generate experiences that impact positively.

  • They complement the ecosystem of corporate communication.

Creativográfico was born in Bogotá with the purpose of offering Digital Marketing Solutions through Brand Positioning Strategies, Web Positioning with SEO techniques and Custom Web Development.

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Brand Creation

Creating a brand is more than the design of a logo.

It is to create the identity of a company, product or service with graphic and typographic elements.

The Brand must have the ability to convey the objective for which it was created, in order to differentiate itself from the competition to be remembered by its target audience.

Creativográfico addresses brand creation through three stages:

This process results in the corporate identity guidelines from which the creation of new communication elements will be governed regardless of the channel to which they are directed.

The following example is the creation of a brand for the Don Olio Oil product.

Brand Development for Don Olio Oil, logotype
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Web Positioning

Search Engine Positioning or Web Positioning is a Digital Marketing strategy that allows you to increase organic traffic to a specific web page.

Through the monitoring of information, digital assets are created with the ability to become loyal followers of the brand.

To position a web page, a series of technical and content parameters must be met.

The following phases are taken into account for a web positioning project:

Remember, the goal of web positioning is to place a web page in the Top 10 of the search results.

Brand Architecture Development for Innsolar
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Web Design

The development of custom Web Pages defines a product adjusted to the specific needs of each business.

The web design seeks to create a direct communication channel, easy for people to access.

It must offer the best experience from search to navigation, delivering the necessary information and means of contact to resolve the concerns of our target audience.

We offer three types of web development:

For ésika Colombia, El Diario de Yaira was developed, a direct channel focused on the sales force that allowed combining E-mail Marketing and a mini site as part of the communication strategy.

Responsive website and email marketing for ésika Colombia
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We create emotional, profitable and lasting relationships, for this we thank those who day by day believe in our methodologies and processes to realize their goals.

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